Tuesday, July 11, 2017


We're just a few weeks away from having lived in Yasuoka for one full year. Justin and I have had the pleasure of seeing the changes this village undergoes each season, and of experiencing life here in all of its many moods. 

While we are watching this cycle reach its completion, we find ourselves similarly coming full circle. As all of us know, life doesn't always move the way we anticipate, and after a wild year of changing seasons, Justin and I find ourselves approaching the end of our time here in Japan. August will see us, along with all of our possessions and a silly brown dog, boarding a one-way flight back to North America. We have grown to love this village and the people in it, and it is not without sadness that we bid it and its inhabitants farewell. We are forever thankful for all the amazing experiences, people, and places we've had the privilege of encountering. 

Please join us in prayer as we transition.

Sayonara, Yasuoka. Sayonara, Japan.